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Trail Request Page

 Ripped Lion Hill

Location: Grapevine, TX 76051
Difficulty Level: 1-4
Comments:  Not really trails, but a hill that has rows of jumps.  All skill
levels, always under construction, 2 tabletops in progress. People cool.

9th Street Trails

Location: Austin TX
Difficulty Level: 2-5
Comments: The people are cool
 Go Here For Pictures

Creekside Trails

Location: San Angelo, TX 76903
Difficulty Level: 1-3
Comments: The people are great . Always under contruction . Trails include
4 tabletops , several beginer doubles , race style rythim , mediocre 4 pack &
6pack ,18 foot double (rythim under construction past ) and several more sectins
under contruction


Location: Graham, TX 76450
Difficulty Level: 1
Comments: The people? Me, my brother, a 2 other kids, I guess we're nice.

Blair Trails

Location: El Paso, TX 79932
Difficulty Level: 4
Comments: nice locals, always growing

City = Arlington
    State = TX
    Zip Code = 76086?
    Name = Zebos Park
    difficulty = 1-4
    landmark = By the Cracker Barrel
    comments = cool jumps and cool surroundings...Favorite part-the ice-cream

Trail Request Page