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Trail Request Page

North Hills Re Re

Location: Danville, PA 17821
Difficulty Level: 1
Comments: One true local (me) and a few jumps.
Nothing Worth Traveling too far for.

No Name Yet

Location: Minersville, PA
Difficulty Level: 4.5
Comments: No web site, nice locals.  Hope you have brakes because its all
down hill.  BIG, VERY BIG


Location: Sunbury, PA 17801
Difficulty Level: 1.5
Comments: No pics yet workin on it we got a six pack a complete trail of
3-5 ft hips a big squarter with a deck. Nice people a little weird it's not
worth traveling for yet.

Brown Eye Trails

Location: Coplay, PA
Difficulty Level: 2-5
Comments: i'm the only local and just started the trails
               i rented a bobcat and built some crazy big tabletop
               run, trails are more racer style, worth coming to in a
                couple of months, ekim came down once which
               was cool, trails are super fun and laidback
               come on down, just look for a mustang


Location: York, PA 71315
Difficulty Level: 3
Comments: nice locals as long as you fix what you mess up.

SAILS trails

Location: Mohrsville, PA 19541
Difficulty Level: it depends how good you are
Comments: the locals are nice

Midnight Trails

Location: Topton, PA 19643
Difficulty Level: 4
Comments: nice

City = warrington
    State = PA
    Zip Code = 18976
    Name = the pit
    difficulty = 2
    landmark = 140 old new rd
    comments = kinda small but will be improved soon.drop by and check them out.

City = Reading
    State = Pa
    Zip Code = 19607
    Name = 694street trails
    difficulty = 3
    landmark = in 694street park got 8 6pack 3 tapbles that are 3 to 6ft high
and got doubles that are 2 to 7 ft high with 4 to 35ft gaps
    comments = the locals are nice if you break some thing fix it

City = Reading
    State = pa
    Zip Code = 19606
    Name = Lot 9 trails
    difficulty = 5
    landmark = right off 11th st behind Reading high school..
    comments = the peeple are nice if you break some thign fix it

Trail Request Page