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 Trail Request Page

 Codeman's Jumps

Location: Clackamas, OR 97015
Difficulty Level: 2-5
Comments: We would like more people to come out sometime, we have two
places where we jump, and I might get some dirt at my house.

E-Mail For Directions

City = Eugene
    State = OR
    Zip Code = 97405
    Name = Triple T. and the Valley Trails
    difficulty = 3-4
    landmark = Triple T is about 20 min. outside of town.The Valley trails are
located directly behind the emerald valley bmx track, rihgt behind the football
    comments = jumps are best at the spring and fall. summers are too dry but
water is avalible. it rains lots here in the winter so you are better off street

City = Albany
    State = OR
    Zip Code = 97321
    Name = Area 61
    difficulty = 4-5
    landmark = Take 3rd street all the way to bryant park. Go back until you
reach the little kiddy jumps and follow a trail through the bushes until you
reach it.
    comments = The locals are always nice. Every where you go there is a place
to take great pics.Huge rythem sections 7ft.tall 18-20 ft. gaps.2 berms, hips,
stepups, under construction.


Trail Request Page