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New Jersey

Trail Request Page

 City = Cranford
    State = NJ
    Zip Code =
    Name = Adams Jumps
    difficulty = 1
    landmark = Adams Baseball Field
    comments = got no pictures. people are nice . used to be decent place to
ride for all levels but some loser who couldn't clear any of the jumps took it
upon himself to tear them down and build smaller jumps that he could . good for
beginner's though. definately not worth more than 20 minute drive.

City = Manahawkin
    State = NJ
    Zip Code = 08758
    Name = TheJungle
    difficulty = 5
    landmark = In ocean acres
    comments = Sick place to trick

City = Gloucester Township
    State = NJ
    Zip Code = 08083
    Name = BroadMore Jumps
    difficulty = 4
    landmark = Behind BroadMore park, orchard Ave.
    comments = All different pepole come.If you come no one will propably be
there. If some ones there  they are not mean. But some jumps are being built.

City = middletown
    State = NJ
    Zip Code = 07701
    Name = copperhead
    difficulty = 3
    landmark = nut swamp park
    comments = people are nice


Trail Request Page