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 Trail Request Page

 The Jumps

Location: Trabuco Canyon (Portola Hills), CA 72679
Difficulty Level: 2
 Pictures Here Soon

Sheep Hills

Costa Mesa, CA
Difficulty Level: 5
Comments: costs 5 bucks to get in, and 1 for a helmet.  the locals are nice
and pros come almost every day

The Levies

Location: Salida, CA
Difficulty Level: 1-5
Comments: The People are nice just don't screw the jumps up or you will get
your ass kicked.

City = Avila beach
    State = CA
    Zip Code = ?
    Name = Texaco trails
    difficulty = 3-4
    landmark = Right off the 101 north right side by the baseball fields.
    comments =

City = San Luis Obispo
    State = CA
    Zip Code = 93405
    Name = Perfumo Canyon
    difficulty = 2-3
    landmark = In Perfumo Canyon left side only a little ways from los osos
valley road
    comments = usuall not a lot of people but if ther are they are nice totally
free, they are
               not that big but not tiny

City = Portola Hills
    State = CA
    Zip Code = 92679
    Name = The Same Jumps
    difficulty = 1-3
    landmark = by rec center one in portola hills
    comments = go to my site for pictures

Trail Request Page