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Random Things About BMX

These are some random things I've learned about BMX in the couple years I've been riding.  More to come.

If the trails are small, help build!- So what if the trails suck!  Go and help make them

better!  That's one of the reasons i made this site.

Don't be afraid to fall!- If you pussyfoot around your whole life you'll never get anywhere.

If participate in any extreem sport, you're going to fall down.  I've already had two serious

crashes on dirt and I've only been riding for 1 1/2 years.  It takes some serious courage to

get back up again, but you have to sooner or later.

Be nice to the locals- and don't wreck the jumps, or build your own damn trails.

Pay for a good bike now or pay for it later- Don't go out to Wal-Mart and buy a Hoop-D

piece of shit.  I have a Hoop-D myself and already the handle bars slip, the seat got bent

and fell off, the brake cable snapped, and the crank is bent, and this is not even a year!

Here's one from Rob:

Bring your Own Shovel, IF YOU MESS , THEN YOU BUILD



 Have some good ones? Tell me!