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Requesting Trails



-What Will I Get?

Here are the answers



Simple really. What's the point of putting a crap-load of trails on a site if you can't get any specific info?  The only reason I only send out trails by E-Mail request, is so your trails don't get infested with little kids on low-end Mongooses and Dynos (who can't jump).


Here is what to do:

1.  Find a trail you like in the Database
2. Click on the link that says "E-Mail (Me) For Directions"
3. Say something like "I want directions for _____ Trails"
4. Be sure to include "Trail Directions" in the subject
5. Send it


What will I get?

I will send an E-Mail to the address you sent the request from, unless you specify another address. This mail will look something like this:

Subject: Requested Directions For ______

Name: (of the trail)
Location: "
Landmark: (self explanitory)
Difficulty: (level)
Comments: (that the person who submitted the trail said about it)

If you want driving directions, I suggest  Maps On Us .
Go to "Driving Directions" and it should be self-explanitory from there.
Make sure that the end address is the either the landmark givin in the E-Mail, the city and the zip code, or a combination of both (you'll be able to tell if you need this).


Keep sending those trails! And make sure to tell your friends!